Nautica Voyage Heritage Review

Nautica Voyage Heritage Review

One of the many flankers for Voyage, Heritage is an underated scent. There are not many reviews of it. The note break down is a little different than the original. This is more of a herbaceous and sweet cologne. While being more of the sweet side, it is still a fresh aquatic with that clean … Read more

Nautica Blue vs. Blue Sail

Nautica Blue Sail vs Nautica Blue

Nautica Blue Sail and Nautica Blue look and sound the same. After all, they are both made by the same Designer. While Nautica for Men colognes typically all fall into the same category, each are unique in their own way. What you will find with these two fragrances are two lost cost colognes that both … Read more

Nautica Blue Sail Cologne Review

Nautica Blue Sail cologne review

When it come to colognes from Nautica For Men, you know what you are getting. They produce consistent, affordable fresh aquatic fragrances. Blue Sail EdT was released in 2017, and it is one of the more recent offerings from Nautica. It follows in the footsteps or some similar colognes like Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue. … Read more

Nautica Classic Review

Nautica Classic cologne review

Nautica Classic is the first fragrance offering from Nautica For Men. If you like fragrances from the 90’s, then you will love this one. Some guys buy this just to take a trip down memory lane. Nautica tends to make colognes that are clean, fresh, and vibrant. This is no different. It is different than … Read more

Nautica Voyage N83 Review

Nautica Voyage N 83 review

Another flanker in the Nautica line, N83 cologne falls in line with all of the other aquatic fragrances. There are several of these, and we are looking at Voyage N83. This Nautica for men designer cologne is easy to obtain, and is still in production. It is similar to Voyage, and it carries the same … Read more

Nautica Voyage vs. Nautica Blue

Nautica Voyage vs Blue

When it comes to Nautica colognes, Voyage and Blue are two of the best. Both of these were released around the same time, and they were both made by the same perfumer, Maurice Roucel. Both of these scents fall into the aquatic category as they have fruity and watery notes grounded with woody base notes. … Read more

Nautica Blue Cologne Review

Nautica Blue is like the overlooked step child in the Nautica cologne collection. Voyage seems to get all the rave reviews while Blue is overlooked. They are both created by the same perfumer, and Blue was released a year prior to Voyage. This fragrance falls in line with other fruity aquatic colognes. This review of … Read more

Nautica Voyage Review

Nautica Voyage review

Nautica Voyage is fragrance for men that was launched in 2006. This masculine scent is one of the most popular fragrances that is sold online. It is affordable and fresh. This is a no-brainer cologne to wear when you just want to smell clean and fresh. It is great for something to spray on after … Read more

Nautica Voyage Sport Cologne Review

Nautica Voyage Sport Review

Voyage Sport by Nautica For Men is a flanker from the ever popular Voyage collection. This falls in line with all of the other aquatic aromatic fragrances from the Nautica line. This was released in 2016. It definitely leans more masculine. This is a sport type cologne, and they did a good job. This cologne … Read more

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum is one of the most popular fragrances by this brand. This comes from the Private Blend Collection. Other perfumes from this line include Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather. For those who follow me, it comes as no surprise at how much I like this perfume. It has two … Read more