Ambergris vs Ambroxan: What’s The Difference

ambroxan vs ambergris

Two common ingredients in perfumery are Ambergris and Ambroxan. While the names are similar, they have completely different scents. They are also used to provide different results to colognes and perfumes. The difference between Ambergris and Ambroxan is that Ambergris is a natural substance that comes from a sperm whale while Ambroxan is a synthetic … Read more

Should You Wear Cologne To A Funeral

people at a funeral

The dilemma of whether or not to wear cologne to a funeral is one that many men face when attending such an event. The choice is not straightforward, as it involves various factors such as cultural context, personal preference, and the wishes of the bereaved family. In this article, we will discuss the pros and … Read more

Amberwood in Perfumery: The Aromatic Marvel

Amberwood in perfumes

The world of perfumery is a fascinating one, populated by an array of scents that delight and enchant. One such note is Amberwood, a relatively recent yet increasingly popular entrant in the world of fragrance notes. Let’s take a deep dive into the beautiful essence of Amberwood, its characteristics, composition, usage in notable fragrances, and … Read more

Why Is Baccarat Rouge So Expensive

Why Is BR 540 so expensive

Baccarat Rouge 540, a popular fragrance from the renowned Maison Francis Kurkdjian, has garnered a devoted following and generated quite a buzz in the world of luxury perfumery. With its unique scent profile and striking red bottle, it has become a symbol of sophistication and elegance. At over $300 for a 2.5 ounce bottle, you … Read more

Why Is Creed So Expensive

Creed fragrances

Have you ever considered buying some Creed fragrances but found out the price was too high? Maybe you walked into a high end department store and saw all of their fine looking perfume bottles. You probably saw many fragrance influencers talking about Creed Aventus and how great it is. They have a lot of great … Read more

Gourmand Fragrance Guide

what is a gourmand fragrance

Gourmand fragrances have become more popular in the last 20 years. This style of fragrance seems to fall into the niche category a lot of the times, but there are some designers in this space too. Among the many fragrance families, the gourmand fragrance family stands out for its unique food scents. Gourmand scents are … Read more

Cologne And Perfume Calculator

This cologne and perfume calculator will determine how many sprays of cologne you can get from a bottle. It will also calculate how long it will last based on the number of sprays that you use each day. Instructions: Enter the size bottle in ml Cologne Spray Calculator Cologne bottle volume (ml): Calculate Sprays

What Is A Fougere Fragrance

what is a fougere fragrance text over ferns

Fougere fragrances have captivated the world of perfumery for more than a century. Derived from the French word “fougère,” which means “fern-like,” these scents are characterized by their fresh, green, and earthy qualities. The term “fougere” was originally used to describe a family of fragrances with a distinct composition that mimics the smell of a … Read more

Bertrand Duchaufour: A Visionary Perfumer

Amouge Jubilation behind text

Bertrand Duchaufour is a name synonymous with creative genius and innovation in the world of perfumery. As a master perfumer, he has carved a niche for himself, leaving an indelible mark on the fragrance industry with his unique and extraordinary creations. We delve into the life and career of Duchaufour, exploring his impact on the … Read more