Armaf CDNIM Vs L’Aventure By Al Haramain

Club De Nuit Intense Man has been hailed as the king of clones For Creed Aventus. It is praised all over the fragrance community from YouTube to forums. There are many other clones of Aventus, including L’Aventure. It has a similar profile and price point, but how does it stack up?

This article compares these two fragrances. How does Al Haramain L’Aventure compare to Armaf’s Club de Nuit Intense Man?

Quick Highlights:

  • CDNIM is more smoky and dense
  • CDNIM has better projection and longevity
  • L’Aventure is more fruity and effervescent

How Do They Smell Different

Top Notes: The opening of CDNIM smells like lemon household cleaner for about 2 minutes. The opening does not smell great. For L’Aventure, it smells like soft bergamot. Both of these fragrances lack the pineapple and bergamot pop that Creed Aventus has.

Middle Notes: During the middle of the fragrance evolution, CDNIM is more dense, thick and smoky. It is definitely more attention grabbing. L’Aventure is softer, and it smells more fruity.

Base Notes: Club de Nuit Intense Man is heavier and louder in the dry down. This is where CDNIM really shines as a clone fragrance. The dry down resembles the batches of Creed Aventus that are more smoky smelling. It has better projection and longevity.

Club de Nuit Intense Man

Longevity And Projection

When it comes to comparing CDNIM and L’Aventure, CDNIM is the clear winner for longevity. It has 8-10 hours while L’Aventure has around 6. It is really no contest here. Club de Nuit Intense Man is the one to choose if you want a longer lasting fragrance.

For Projection and Sillage, CDNIM is better. The first time I sprayed it in the air, I could smell it 4 hours later. That was one spray in the air and not on my skin. This is a powerhouse. There are reports of newer batches not being as strong. I cannot confirm this as my batch is from 2022.

L’Aventure is not bad. It is just not as good as CDNIM. L’Aventure has moderate projection for around 2-4 hours.

Of course, this will depend on things like the weather and your skin. This is with 4-5 sprays on skin.


There is no price benefit to one over the other here. Both of these can be purchased for around $25. Each one of these fragrances is significantly less expensive than Creed Aventus.

Club De Nuit Intense Man Vs L’Aventure Winner

Both of these fragrances do a great job of being clones of Creed Aventus. Get CDNIM if you want a stronger and smoky version of Aventus. Get L’Aventure by Al Haramain if you want a more light and fruity version of Creed Aventus.

Overall Impression Of CDNIM vs. L’Aventure

I own both of these fragrances, and I wear them both. In the warmer seasons, I tend to wear L’Aventure more. If I am going to be outdoors or if the weather is cooler, I will wear CDNIM.

Both do a really good job as one of the dupes of Creed Aventus. Of course, neither is a spot on dupe. For the price, they cannot be beat though. Either one of these are great options if you want a cheaper alternative to Aventus. Most people lean toward CDNIM because it lasts longer and has better projection.

If you are not willing to spend the cash for Creed Aventus, then either one of these fragrances will be a decent alternative. Right now, CDNIM is more popular, and it has more hype in the fragrance community.

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