Does Cologne Have Alcohol

We all know that perfumes and men’s colognes contain fragrance. After all, that is what they are for. But what other ingredients are in perfume? Is there alcohol in cologne and perfume? Yes, cologne does contain a high amount of alcohol. It is the primary ingredient in most men’s and women’s fragrances. The alcohol used … Read more

Can Cologne Evaporate

can cologne evaporate

We like to buy colognes so that we can smell nice. But what happens if we leave the cap off of a bottle of cologne? Does cologne evaporate without a cap? If so, does it alter the scent and will the cologne go bad? Learn how evaporation can happen with a bottle of cologne and … Read more

Ambergris vs Ambroxan: What’s The Difference

ambroxan vs ambergris

Two common ingredients in perfumery are Ambergris and Ambroxan. While the names are similar, they have completely different scents. They are also used to provide different results to colognes and perfumes. The difference between Ambergris and Ambroxan is that Ambergris is a natural substance that comes from a sperm whale while Ambroxan is a synthetic … Read more