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7 Best Soapy Fragrances For Men

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Soapy fragrances are easy scents to wear, and they are usually one of the first types of colognes that men get into. Most grooming products for men usually have a clean and fresh scent, so guys are accustomed to this type of fragrance. This includes shower gels, aftershaves, and soap.

They are versatile, inoffensive, and easy to wear. These are some of the reasons that clean and soapy scents are the first styles for young men to try. Plus, most guys like to smell clean. It can be difficult at first learning what type of cologne to wear for which occasion. A lot of fragrances are niche or fall into obscure categories like gourmands, and guys new to colognes may not understand which one is appropriate.

These can be worn for every occasion, and most men and women loves this style of scent. There are so many to choose from, but what are the best soapy fragrances?

What Exactly Is A Soapy Fragrance?

What is a soapy fragrance, and what does it smell like? This scent smells like a shower fresh scent of soap. Granted, it is more complex than just a single note of soap, but if you can think of products like Irish Spring soap and sport type shower gels, then you can get the idea.

Some of the most common scents are green notes and citrus notes. These can be on their own or mixed together. In the Irish Spring example, that would be a fresh, green scent.

Any fragrance you wear that makes it smell like you just took a shower can usually be considered a soapy fragrance.

1. Prada L’Homme

Prada L’Homme is a great smelling soapy fragrance. This top scent has notes of iris, neroli, spices, and woods. This cologne falls into the woody chypre category, and it was launched in 2016.

Overall, Prada is a great perfume house for soapy scents, and one of their best is L’Homme. As with most clean and fresh fragrances, this one if very versatile, and it can worn on so many different occassions. This one can be classified as a “dumb reach” if you are not sure what type of fragrance you should wear out.

This fragrance is soapy, clean, warm and fresh. It also has a powdery note to it as well. The sillage is moderate, and the longevity is moderate to long lasting.

If you are looking for a great smelling soapy fragrance, Prada L’Homme is a solid choice. This fragrance is extremely enjoyable, and most men and women that smell this on you will enjoy the scent.

Because of that, this scent makes a great everyday or office fragrance, and it is certainly one of the best soapy fragrances available.

2. Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage is a soapy fragrance that should be in every man’s collection. It is universally appealing, and it has a great low cost. There is a reason that it is one of the most or the most sold fragrance on Amazon. At the time of this article, it has over 30,000 reviews.

One key note for fragrances that smell like soap is green notes. Nautica Voyage falls right in line with that. It is classified as a woody aquatic, and it was launched in 2006.

The longevity of the scent is moderate to long lasting, and the sillage is moderate.

This is a great fragrance to wear to the gym or after a workout. It will make you smell fresh and clean like you just hopped out of the shower.

3. Mugler Cologne

Mugler Cologne is a citrus aromatic fragrance that was based on the scent of soap. This is literally inspired to be a scent like clean soap. Officially, it is a citrus aromatic that was launched in 2001.

This is not an overly complex fragrance due to its minimal makeup of notes, but Mugler was not going for a complex blockbuster here. The entire concept was to create the scent of soap in a bottle, and they did just that.

The note profile for Mugler Cologne is Neroli, petitgrain, and bergamot as the top notes. The heart and base notes are comprised of orange flower and musk.

If you want to smell clean and fresh, but you don’t want to smell like a bottle of cologne, then this is the perfect fragrance for you. This is very close to bar soap in a bottle. It’s citrusy fresh, clean and musky.

This fragrance is inoffensive, and it can be worn for any occasion because of that. The fragrance accords are very linear, and you know what you are getting with a bottle of Mugler Cologne.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Intenso Pour Homme

D&G Intenso is a unique fragrance that falls into the soapy category. The reason is that a lot of clean fragrances are very linear and have the same scent accords.

Intenso sets itself apart because it looks like a dark and masculine fragrance, and the scent pyramid is full of incredible notes. This fragrance has notes of lavender, hay, tobacco, amber, and sandalwood. From that note description, this sounds like a masculine scented woody tobacco fragrance.

While it does has all those notes, it also contains water notes, musk and florals. This is a complex scent that smells clean and masculine like lotion. This fragrance is a safe buy, and most men and women like the scent. It has almost a shaving cream scent to it, but with notes of spices and fresh green tobacco.

If you are looking for something that is clean and soapy but also complex then D&G Intenso should be the fragrance that you purchase.

5. Prada Amber For Men

Best soapy fragrance Prada Amber

Prada Amber is a great smelling soapy fragrance, and Prada seems to do well in this category which is why this perfume house has 2 on our best of list. This scent falls into the oriental fougere category.

This fragrance uses typical accords that are used in a cologne that smells like soap. These are citrus, florals, and musk. This smells like a soap that you would use in a luxury hotel. Yes, it is certainly more complex than that, but from a simple review, that is what the scent is.

Prada Amber is soapy, warm and powdery. It is like Prada L’Homme, but it seems to be missing the heavy iris notes.

This is a pleasing scent that most everyone should enjoy around you. It is not offensive, and it’s universally pleasing. This soft scent will work well in most situations unless you want to project like a beast. So not the best for going out to the clubs, but it will work great in most every other situation. If you are a fan of Prada fragrances, then you should purchase this.

6. Penhaligon’s Castile Eau de Toilette

Penhaligons Castile Eau de Toilette

Penhaligon’s Castile is a great soapy fragrance that has that fresh out of the shower vibe to it but in a classy way. Castile is a citrus and floral fragrance that features notes of orange blossom, rose, bergamot, and woods.

This fragrance has a lot of soapiness to it, and it is a very clean and relaxing scent. This comes off as a unisex sex, and like the others, it is easy to wear for most any occasion.

The citrus accords are dominant with the neroli and bergamot providing a nice, clean, and fresh opening. As with all Penhaligon’s fragrances, this comes off as elegant and British.

If you can imagine slicing a knife through a new bar of castile soap, then you have an idea of the scent of Castile by Penhaligon’s.

7. Creed Original Vetiver

Creed Original Vetiver soapy scent

Original Vetiver by Creed is a great fragrance that smells like soap. This classic, clean, and soapy scent is a great fragrance from Creed. This is a woody spicy scent that was launched in 2004.

The opening is a fresh blast of green bergamot that turns into a spicy soapy note. This fragrance is not a fresh cut bar of soap like Castile, but it is more of a fresh soapy scent mingled with notes of citrus and woods. This is one of the top Creed fragrances (IMO) so it is no surprise that it makes our list of the best fragrances.

8. Roger & Gallet Open

Roger & Gallet Open is a fresh barbershop soapy fragrance. This has the scent of talc and aftershave that you would experience after getting a cut and a shave. The is a woody aromatic that was released in the mid 1980’s.

The top notes are lavender, bergamot, and lemon. It is followed by sage, tobacco, and patchouli. It has an almost barbershop style accord to it, but not quite like a classic 80’s fougere like Paco Rabanne.

Once this fragrance settles down on your skin, you will get lots of compliments of smelling clean, soapy, and fresh.

Colognes That Smell Like Soap

For our list of the best soapy fragrances, we provided a rounded bunch of scents. We included designer fragrances down to inexpensive colognes that you can get on Amazon. The reason we do this is because people who read our articles are varied based on lifestyle, income, and other variables. For some men, an $80 bottle of Prada will never be considered, and for others, they would never buy a $20 bottle of cologne online.

If you want to purchase a fragrance that smells like soap, then our list provides some great choices for you. These fragrances are easy to get into even if you are inexperienced in colognes. Most guys are not intimidated by a soapy fragrance, but it may be hard for a new cologne buyer to drop $400 on a bottle of Tom Ford.

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