8 Gourmand Fragrances That Men Love

As a guy, you may be thinking that you don’t want to smell like a vanilla cupcake or chocolate cake notes all day, but there are great ways to make a masculine version of a gourmand fragrance.  And that is what we present here.

In addition, many men do not even consider this category of fragrances because they are considered “foodie” fragrances.

There are so many great smelling fragrances that fall into the gourmand category, and we think that you should look into them if you don’t have any in your collection.  These are great to wear during cooler weather, and just a couple of sprays will put you in the mood for Fall.

Think about notes of tobacco, cardamom, spices, whiskey, cognac, mixed in with some edible notes.  Now we are talking about gourmand scents that make you smell great.

There are so many different styles of fragrances, but one that stands out, especially for men, is gourmands.  Gourmand fragrances have edible notes like honey, chocolate, and vanilla. Vanilla colognes can also fall into this category if they have the right complimenting notes.

Our Gourmand Fragrance Picks

Best Overall Gourmand Fragrance

1.  Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo

Uomo cologne

Occasion: Cool Weather Wear
Concentration: EdT
Fragrance Family: Amber Woody
Pros: Sexiness in a bottle
Cons: It is a bit synthetic smelling

Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo is a gourmand fragrance that can’t be beat. If you are looking for a masculine fragrance that smells like a dessert, then Uomo is for you.  What I really like about this fragrance, is the way it is still masculine smelling. If you have ever had the Italian dessert, Tiramisu, and you loved the smell, then this should be on your to buy list.

The opening can be a little harsh, but if you can get by that you are in for a treat. The fragrance turns into a sweet coffee and chocolate scent. The coffee note is hidden a bit. It closes with vanilla and tonka sweetness.

This is a classy smelling gourmand.

This scent was created to represent the Italian lifestyle.

It has notes of citrus, spices, tiramisu, and woods and if perfect for night time or a chilly day.

Uomo Price Comparison:

Amazon PriceSee Uomo
FragranceX PriceSee Uomo Cologne
FragranceNet PriceSee Uomo Cologne

Best Long Lasting Gourmand Fragrance

2.  L’Homme Ideal Eau De Parfum by Guerlain

L'Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum Guerlain

Occasion: Formal or Casual Winter Fragrance
Concentration: EdP
Fragrance Family: Amber Woody
Pros: More refined gourmand fragrance.
Cons: Can be too cloying and heavy. It has a very sweet cherry note.

L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain is a smooth, sweet, cherry almond gourmand fragrance that you will love.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal has notes of citrus, amaretto, tonka bean, leather, and woods.

When you spray this, it opens with notes of cherry and spices. The mid notes come around and you smell almond and woods. It almost has a boozy feel to it.

This is a safer scent and can be worn year round.  This works as a casual scent, or it can be worn when dressed up.

Best Cheap Gourmand Fragrance

3.  Rochas Man by Rochas

Rochas Man cologne

Occasion: Winter Fragrance
Concentration: EdT
Fragrance Family: Woody Spicy
Pros: Budget friendly price and classic gourmand
Cons: It has poor projection and longevity

If you need an introduction into the world of gourmand fragrances, you should start with this one.

Rochas Man is a lavender, coffee, vanilla fragrance. It is perfect for guys with a small collection.  This is a great scent to wear during nighttime, and it works great in cooler weather.  It provides a deep, warm, inviting experience that most women enjoy on men.

I highly recommend Rochas Man due to its low cost, ease of use, and it is easy to work. This makes it a great choice for guys looking to get into gourmands. For men who already have a good collection, then this should be added.

The “unique” design of the bottle definitely helps it stand out, but it can be a bit cumbersome when spraying it.

Rochas Man has moderate longevity at about 4 hours. It does not project that far from the skin after 3 hours. You can spray 6 to 8 times and it may last a bit longer.

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FragranceNet PriceSee Rochas Man

Best Of The Rest

4.  Replica By The Fireplace

Replica By The Fireplace

Occasion: When you want to feel cozy and warm
Concentration: EdT
Fragrance Family: Woody
Pros: This smells extremely comforting and original.
Cons: Smells like burnt wood to some

Replica By The Fireplace by Maison Margiela is a soft, warm and comforting fragrance. It makes you feel like you are sitting in a peaceful room by an actual fireplace.

This perfume is sweet, nutty, warm, and it has a soft vanilla note throughout. It is such a cozy scent. There are faint hints of wood and nutty aromas. The fragrance notes blend well together.

Overall, it is soft and pleasing. There are no harsh notes that stick out.

You can wear this during cooler months when you want to feel comfort. It is such a pleasing fragrance. It is one of my favorites.

If has moderate longevity around 6 hours. The projection is decent for the first hour or two. After that, it sticks to your skin.

Price Comparison Table for Replica By The Fireplace:

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FragranceNet PriceSee Replica EdT

5.  Paco Rabanne Black XS Cologne

Paco Rabanne Black XS cologne

Occasion: Cooler weather casual events
Concentration: EdT
Fragrance Family: Amber Woody
Pros: Budget friendly cologne and sweet and spicy smelling.
Cons: 2018 reformulated version is not as strong as the original. Very poor longevity and projection.

Black XS by Paco Rabanne is a sweet citrus and chocolate fragrance for men. When you first spray it on your skin, it smells like a soda with bubbles along with chocolate and spice.

There is also a strawberry scent along with pralines. It is super syrupy and sweet.

Ladies love to smell this scent on you. If you want to please your girl, then try this fragrance out.

It lasts for about 6 to 8 hours. It has good projection for around 2 hours. It is strong enough to cut through the atmosphere in a bar if you want to meet some girls with this fragrance.

Price Comparison Table For Paco Rabanne Black XS:

Amazon PriceSee Paco Rabanne Black XS
FragranceX PriceSee Paco Rabanne Black XS
FragranceNet PriceSee Paco Rabanne Black XS

6.  Boss The Scent Absolute By Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute

Occasion: Any
Concentration: EdP
Fragrance Family: Amber Spicy
Pros: Unique gourmand fragrance that not a lot of people wear.
Cons: The ginger note can be a bit too spicy for some guys.

Boss The Scent Absolute is one of the flankers for the Hugo Boss The Scent collection. These are all nice smelling, but this one stands out due to its use of the Maninka fruit note. Hugo Boss colognes are affordable and high quality.

It is sweet, smoky, and spicy. There seems to be hidden notes of chocolate and vanilla that are not listed, and it smells so good.

What makes this a great gourmand fragrance is the fruit notes, the sweetness, and almost a warm vanilla scent in the background.

This is a very underrated cologne.

7.  London For Men By Burberry

Burberry London cologne

Occasion: Casual Wear For Cooler Weather
Concentration: EdT
Fragrance Family: Amber Spicy
Pros: Low cost and mass appealing. It is a great beginner fragrance.
Cons: It is not very strong and has poor projection.

London For Men is one of the best fragrances by Burberry.  It’s dark, leathery, strong, masculine, yet it is sweet and gourmand.  This is not a “foodie” type cologne, because it does not smell like something that you would eat.  It does smell like Christmas in a bottle, and that is how a lot of people refer to it.

It is more of a sweet, cinnamon, tobacco, leather, spice, and wood type fragrance.  This is a beautiful scent, and it smells more expensive than it costs.

If you are just stepping into gourmands, and you don’t want to smell similar to a dessert, then you should pick up a bottle of London For Men.  It is very easy to wear, and most people will enjoy smelling it on you.

Like most of these types of scents, this will do better in the cooler months.

FragranceX PriceSee Burberry London For Men
FragranceNet PriceSee Burberry London For Men

8.  Back to Black by Kilian

Kilian Back to Black perfume

Occasion: Formal Events, Dates
Concentration: EdP
Fragrance Family: Amber Woody
Pros: High quality niche fragrance that smells great.
Cons: Is expensive and tobacco is too sweet for some.

Back to Black is similar to pipe tobacco with notes of honey, cherry, tobacco, and spice.  This  gourmand fragrance was released by Kilian as a unisex perfume in 2009.

Honey and cherry pipe tobacco are the stars of the show, but it does have subtle notes of vanilla and tonka.

While it does have some tobacco cologne vibes to it, make no mistake, it is sweet smelling.

This is sex in a bottle, and while this may be great for a night out, it is probably not the best fragrance to wear to the office.

Gourmand Fragrance Comparison Chart

UomoEau de Toilette6 to 8 hoursModerate$$
L’Homme Ideal EdPEau de Parfum10+ hoursModerate$$$
Rochas ManEau de Toilette4 to 6 hoursLow$
Replica By The FireplaceEau de Toilette6 to 8 hoursModerate$$$
Paco Rabanne Black XSEau de Toilette4 to 8 hoursModerate$$
Boss The Scent AbsoluteEau de Parfum6 to 8 hoursModerate$$
Burberry London For MenEau de Toilette6 hoursModerate$
Back To Black by KilianEau de Parfum10+ hoursStrong$$$

What Are Gourmand Fragrances?

Gourmand fragrances are colognes and perfumes that have scents of edible notes like chocolate, vanilla, honey, etc.  These are also labeled as foodie fragrances or edible fragrances because they often smell like desserts do to their sweet notes.  These are available in both men’s and women’s fragrances.

These are the newest family in the fragrance world.  They became popular in the early 90’s with Thierry Mugler’s Angel.  This was one of the first, if not the first, modern gourmand fragrances. Angel deserves a spot on our list, and we will review it.

Although gourmand fragrances have been around for a long time, Angel seemed to kick start the modern day versions.

What people love about them is the comfort and familiarity they provide.  It does take a skilled perfumer to make a great one, as they can become easily cloying if not done well.

Buying Guide

When you are choosing a gourmand cologne, there are several factors that you need to consider.

There are different styles of gourmand fragrances:

  • Deserts
  • Fruits
  • Tobacco
  • Coffee

If you are looking for a general one, then Burberry London is a great option. It is not like a sweet desert. It is more like a mass pleasing cologne that is in that style.

If you need a delicious smelling desert fragrance, then Uomo will fit that nicely. All of these have been reviewed and should give you an idea of what you may enjoy.

Price is also another consideration. Most of these on our list fall in the $50 dollar range, give or take. If you want strong smelling fragrances, then our comparison chart will point you in the right direction.

What scent family is gourmand?

Gourmand fragrances often have edible notes in them like honey, fruits, vanilla and chocolate fall under oriental fragrances or amber woody.

What is a rose gourmand?

A rose fragrance that also has edible notes in it like chocolate and vanilla. Tom Ford Noir de Noir is an example.

What is a floral gourmand?

This is a floral fragrance that has notes like vanilla, honey, chocolate combined with notes like iris, violet and jasmine.

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