Long Lasting Colognes For Men

strongest colognes

One criteria that guys look for in colognes is how strong it is and how long does it last. Some other terms used are sillage, longevity, and projection. A general term that men use to describe powerful fragrances is “Beastmode.” This means that when you spray it on your skin, it lasts forever and it … Read more

Holly Sonders

holly sonders pink golf outfit

One of the most popular woman in the golfing world is Holly Sonders. Holly became famous when she took a job at the Golf Channel and later at Fox Sports. She played golf in college at Michigan State, and parlayed that into a lucrative career in sports media. Her Instagram account is taking off with … Read more

Best Coffee Scented Colognes

best coffee colognes

Colognes with coffee notes grew in popularity during the late 1990’s. If you are a fan of coffee, then the great news is there are a lot of fragrances that you will love. We have a lot of these in our collection, and we reviewed the most popular and best smelling ones to help you … Read more

Best Cannabis Inspired Colognes

best cannabis colognes

Cannabis flower has become more popular, and this brings out more fragrances with this accord. Remember, cannabis in colognes does not smell like dank, funky marijuana that is being smoked. It is referring to the scent of the actual flower. Our Top Picks Here is our list of the best smelling cannabis colognes. 1. Fresh … Read more

Hyunju Yoo – South Korean Golfer

Beautiful South Korean golfer Hyunju Yoo on golf course

Hyunju Yoo is a Korean golfer who plays on the KLPGA. This female golfer is skilled at golf, and she is also becoming a social media star. Her popularity is similar to other female Korean golfers like Shi Ae Ahn. Her Instagram account is reaching close to 350k followers, and it is growing rapidly. Outside … Read more

Shin Ae Ahn

Shin Ae Ahn hot female golfer

Shin-Ae Ahn is a Korean golfer and social media star. She also goes by the name Sharon Ahn, and is known as one of the most beautiful female Korean golfers. Her Instagram following has been growing like other gorgeous Korean golfers like Yoo Hyun-Ju and WonJooo. Although she was born in South Korea, she moved … Read more

Hottest Golf Wives And Girlfriends

hottest wives of golf

When it comes to professionaly golfers, we all know who they are, but what about their wives and girlfriends? It is definitely true that golfers have some of the hottest and most beautful wives like other professional athletes. Some of these ladies are lead more of a private life, while others are social media stars … Read more