How Many Holes In Golf?

When it comes to golf, there are many different courses available to play. There are short par 3 courses, 9 hole courses, and full courses. When it comes to a full round, who many holes are in golf?

A standard round of golf on a full course is 18 holes.

Generally, a full round of golf would consist of ten par 4 holes, four par 5 holes, and four par 3 holes. This would give you a par score of 72.

There are still many 9 hole courses available as well. Sometimes, 9 hole courses are built due to budget issues, zoning laws, or there just is not enough land available to build a full course.

Why Are There 18 Holes In Golf?

Golf courses have not always been 18 holes with a front 9 and a back 9. Back in the 1700’s it was quite different.

In the late 1800’s three of the most esteemed clubs in the world were 18 hole courses so everybody else just seemed to follow suit.

There were 3 courses that sponsored the British Open. One of them had 18, another expanded to add on more to reach that number, and finally, Musselburgh was built later with 18 total holes.

The Open is what help to reign in this style of golf, even though it did not become a stipulated round until the late 50’s.

How Long Does It Take To Play Golf

Assuming we are talking about a full round of golf, then it should take a group of 4 around four hours to finish a round.

Of course, this varies based on skill level, how busy the course is, walking or riding, temperature, which tees are you hitting from, and several other factors.

Another big factor in determining how long it takes to play is the actual course. There are short courses, medium courses, and some that are over 7,000 yards.

Also, one must consider how long you hang out in the clubhouse between round. If you and your group decide to knock back several Coronitas, then you are going to take a little longer.

Average time based on number of golfers:

1 person2.5 hours
2 people3 hours
3 people3.5 hours
4 people4 hours
Average Time To Play 18 Holes
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