how does big green egg work

How Does A Big Green Egg Work?

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The Big Green Egg is the ultimate cooking experience. This style of outdoor cooking has taken grilling to the next level. A normal grill just uses charcoal as a heat source with a loose fitting cover over it to help retain heat. The Big Green Egg’s technology is on a new level.

The Egg works by using a shuttle-quality ceramic that retains heat and moisture better. It also has a patented air flow system that regulates how much air flows into the grill.

This provides several advantages over a normal charcoal grill. It is basically a grill, an oven, and a smoker all in one. You can make a pizza, smoke brisket, and grill chicken.

It is basically a kamado-style ceramic charcoal grill. Kamado is a traditional Japanese style grill. This articles will help you learn how does a Big Green Egg work.

What Is The Big Green Egg Made Of?

The Big Green Egg is manufactured from ceramics that is designed to reflect heat and this allows heat to reach up to 1200 F (650 C).

It basically works by combining ancient tradition with modern technology. Fire has been used to cook meat forever, and we have been using charcoal as a heat source for a very long time. Couple that with some modern manufacturing and great engineering, and we have options to improve a grills design.

The BGE did just that. It uses a combination of shape, material, and design to influence how it works.

The shape of the BGE, if you haven’t figured out, is egg shaped which allows it to contain heat using two draft doors. It has 2 specially desgined draft doors that allow it to regulate temperature. This allows you to have total control over what temperature you are using to heat your food. The temperature range is accurate to within a few degrees. This is quite amazing especially for an outdoor grill.

This design allows for an air-tight ceramic cooking chamber which helps it to retain heat and moisture.

There are two draft doors on the grill, one at the bottom, and the other is on the very top. The one at the bottom is a horizontal vent, and it controls how much air is introduced into the grill. Leaving it wide open will get the grill to temperatures around 700 degrees F. This allows fresh air to enter.

The top draft door swivels so that you can control the flow of air out of the cooking chamber. It is basically a vent cap that allows hot air to exit.

This allows it to produce some incredibly good and moist food. There is nothing like coming home from a day of golf, grabbing a cold one, and then firing up the Big Green Egg for some grilled steak and chicken.

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