Hottest Female Golfers – 18 Beautiful Women

Golf, traditionally known as a men’s sport is gaining ground as a woman’s sport. Over the years, this sport has grown, and there is no shortage of attractive women golfers. It could be in the LPGA, wives of Pro Golfers, or social media stars.

We have compiled a list of the most stunning and hottest female golfers around. This list of beautiful women is in no particular order. That is for you to decide. If you are wondering why Sophie Horn did not make this list, it is because she has a whole page for herself. She is definitely worth checking out.

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18 Hottest Women Of Golf

1. Muni He

muni he LPGA golfer
hot female golfers: muni he

Muni He became a pro golfer at the age of 19. She grew up loving golf, and boy, it has payed off. In addition to her lucrative sporting career, she also has become an Instagram sensation. Her growing account is already nearing 300k followers (at the time of this writing.)

She has earned her LPGA card for 2020, so she is still very young in her career, so we expect to see much more of her. Muni He is a sexy golfer.

Paige Spiranac with basketball

Paige Spiranac played college golf, helping to lead her team to a conference title, and she had a short professional golf career. She is one hot golfer.

She has earned most of her fame on social media. She started an account just to show off her trick shots, and from there, she took off. Now sporting over 2.5 million followers, she is a marketing machine.

Her beauty and business savvy helped land her tons of sponsors and endorsement deals. When this lady goes golfing, you better watch out.

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3. Blair O’Neal

blair o'neal gorgeous female golfer

Blair O’Neal is a TV personality, golfer, and model. It’s easy to see why she made our list of hottest female golfers.

She played college and professional golf, but her pro career did not last too long. However, it was revived when she was invited to play in the Big Break on Golf channel. This revived her golf career. It’s not easy to consistently shoot under par, but she can.

4. Holly Sonders

holly sonders hot female golfer

Holly Sonders is most well known for her spots as a Fox Sports and Golf channel star. When it comes to hot women golfers, Holly has launched her career based on her brains, drive, and good looks.

5. Cheyenne Woods

hot female golfer: Cheyenne Woods

If you notice something familiar with her last name and golf, you are correct. Cheyenne is Tiger Woods niece from his half-brother. Woods played in college as well as the LPGA.

6. Elise Lobb

hottest female golfers
Hot Female Golfers: Elise Lobb

Elise Lobb has been playing golf since she was young. Her popularity came from social media as well as a spot on Fox Sports. She was the co-host on Swing Clinic.

7. Belen Mozo

belen moza hottest female golfer

Belen Mozo is a Spanish Pro Golfer. She played college golf, and she qualified for the LPGA in 2011. She also played golf in the Ladies European Tour and the British Open. The beautiful lady golfer is amazing on the golf course.

8. Lexi Thompson

lexi thompason hottest LPGA golfer

Lexi Thompson is an LPGA tour golfer. When she was 12, she was the youngest golfer to qualify for the US Women’s Open.

She went on to become a pro at the age of 15. That is impressive!

9. Lucy Robson

lucy robson sexy female golfer

Lucy Robson, from the UK, played college golf at South Florida. She is most known for her golfing on Instagram. She is still active on social media, and she can help your golf game with lessons for your golf swing.

Paulina Gretzky posing in colorful dress

Paulina Gretzky isn’t well known for her golfing, but she is known as the partner of Pro golfer Dustin Johnson. So, she is definitely someone in golfing circles. In addition to that, she is the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

11. Jessica Korda

jessica korda hot golfer
jessica korda female golfer bikini

Jessica Korda is a professional golfer who has played in multiple LPGA tournaments. This gorgeous woman golfer on the LPGA has a beautiful swing.

12. Maria Verchenova

Maria Verchenova is a professional Russian golfer. She poses a a LPGA bikini golfer on her social media accounts.

13. Michelle Wie West

hot female golfer Michelle Wie at golf course

Michelle Wie is a professional golfer. She is currently on the LPGA tour. Born in Hawaii, Wie has 5 LPGA tour wins to date. She has a beautiful golf swing, and she is great on the golf course.

14. Anna Rawson

anna rawson beautiful golfer

Anna Rawson is a pro golfer and model. Her modeling includes a lot of golf shots and pictures of her swinging her golf club. Certainly, you can see why she is one of the most beautiful ladies of golf in the world.

15. Beatrize Recari

hottest LPGA golfer

Beatriz Recari is a professional Spanish golfer on the LPGA tour.

16. Natalie Gulbis

hottest women of golf

Natalie Gulbis made waves in 2004 when she released a calendar featuring her in golf and bikini poses. The USGA banned it from being sold at the event due to it being “inappropriate.” She was one of the first women to bring sexiness to the game of golf.

17. Sandra Gal

sandra gal with golf club at golf course

Sandra Gal is a German pro golfer. She has one LPGA tour win.

Her golf game is amazing, and she has such a great golf swing on the course.

18. Veronica Felibert

veronica felibert female golfer playing golf

Veronica Felibert was born in Venezuala, and she started playing golf at 7. She was a member of the LPGA.

Beautiful Ladies Of Golf Summary

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