Hottest Golf Wives And Girlfriends

hottest wives of golf

When it comes to professionaly golfers, we all know who they are, but what about their wives and girlfriends? It is definitely true that golfers have some of the hottest and most beautful wives like other professional athletes. Some of these ladies are lead more of a private life, while others are social media stars … Read more

What’s Inside A Golf Ball?

whats inside a golf ball

Golf ball technology has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Before the year 2000, players used balls that had a liquid-filled rubber core. The core was surrounded by rubber thread. It looked like tons of rubber bands if you cut one open. Now, the inside of a golf ball is a solid core … Read more

What Is A Balata Golf Ball?

balata golf ball

Over the history of golf, there have been multiple types of balls used by golfers. For example, we have had wound balls, solid core balls, and balata golf balls. What exactly are balata golf balls? These are balls that are made using a naturally occurring rubber-like material. This soft coating was on the outside covering … Read more

How Many Holes In Golf?

how many holes in golf

When it comes to golf, there are many different courses available to play. There are short par 3 courses, 9 hole courses, and full courses. When it comes to a full round, who many holes are in golf? A standard round of golf on a full course is 18 holes. Generally, a full round of … Read more